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Are you being sued by a debt collector? Hire an attorney!

Are you being sued by a debt collector?  Hire an attorney!I was in Court the other day, representing a client who was being sued by a debt collector.  Prior to my client’s case being called, I watched a debtor try to explain to the judge why she did not owe the debt. Her explanation sounded plausible, but the judge gave the debt collector a judgment for the full amount.

You might ask, “Why did this happen?”  Well, it turns out that the debtor failed to answer the complaint correctly, missed a deadline for answering discovery, and did not respond on time to a motion filed by the debt collectors attorneys.  The judgment was over $10,000.00.

The judge called my client’s case next.  It was a lawsuit for more than $10,000.00.  I pointed out to the Judge that the other side had failed to meet a crucial deadline.  The Judge agreed and the debt collector’s lawsuit became worth very little.  After that hearing, the case settled for a very small amount.  My client saved over $7,500.00 and more importantly, my client did not get a judgment on his credit report.

The difference between these two outcomes is stark.

If you are sued, get a lawyer who knows what he or she is doing.


Q: Are you buying a car or a loan? (Introduction)

Are you buying a car or a loan?A:  Both!  This is why you need to understand how to shop for both cars and loans.

Consumers generally do not understand how credit works. Take the time to find out the price tag of the car AND the price tag of the loan.  I am going to be discussing the process for buying cars on credit.  There’s a way to do this that will prevent you from getting ripped off.  I hope to do this in short, easily digestible pieces that will not put you to sleep.

In the meantime, if you are a consumer who is being sued for any reason, harassed or threatened by a debt collector, or defamed by a credit reporting agency, contact my office.  We represent only individuals.  We do not represent corporations.