Client Testimonials

“He provides good responses to questions and try’s to look out for the little guy!”

Dominick G.

Adam helped me get through some very difficult financial issues we were having. He is experienced and truly knows what he is talking about!

Andrew M.

Adam Taub did a tremendous job on my case. I highly endorse him!

Adam A.

Adam helped me stop a bully from abusing the legal system. Adam’s focus is amazing and saw right through their insanity. Adam is very professional and extremely resourceful. Thank you, Adam!!

JR Maskeny

“I have known Adam for many years and refer anyone to him who has a debt collection issue. Whenever people ask me about how to choose an attorney, I tell them the same thing, find an attorney who cares about their problems. Adam cares about his clients. There are other attorneys in town that do what Adam does and talk a good game, but some of these attorneys are better known for running up huge legal bills that you as the debtor don’t get a part of and defendants don’t want to pay, so you end up waiting a long time to collect your damages. I tell anyone who has a debt collection problem to call Adam Taub.”

Mitchell M.

Attorney Taub is definitely one of the good ones. I told him my situation and with his legal knowledge, planning a courtroom savvy, saved me from a $6,500 judgment. I definitely found a great lawyer Thank you

Tony D.

I wish I had hired Adam sooner, he was able to work wonders on a collection case I was a part of. I made it harder for him by trusting Google p thinking I could do this but it hurt me in the end. If you’re being sued for debt collection GET A LAWYER​

Gyroc G.

Consumer Law group is awesome!!! I’ve had my identity stolen twice in the last ten years. It’s very stressful and inconvenient. I couldn’t handle the accounts by myself it was extremely overwhelming. Attorney Taub stepped in and handled the first disaster and took on the stress and cleaned up my credit allowing me to purchase my home. The second issue I called for recently is we are preventing the situation from becoming as big as the first one. Every time I call they answer and I have a response right away. I will recommend them for any situation.I always call them first!

Tiffany T.

Adam and his law firm did an excellent job. I was foreclosed upon illegally by my mortgage company. After asking several other law firms what my options were to fight the foreclosure, and getting zero positive answers, I found Adam G Taub & Associates on a Google search. Adam agreed to take on my case. Maintained communication with me throughout the entire process..he was always a phone call or email away…even when he wasn’t in his office. And most importantly, my foreclosure was successfully reversed!

P Merandi

“Adam was referred to me by another attorney based on Adam’s extensive experience and professionalism in consumer law matters as well as his reputation of the same. Adam was very efficient in successfully resolving my particular legal issue. Adam took the time to discuss various theories and approaches to resolve my situation. Adam also clearly explained why certain strategies would have a better chance of success. The successful result of Adam’s experience and work were more profitable than expected.”

Sunjay S.

“After being served on my front porch one morning for an old debt I had no idea what to do and was, quite frankly, terrified. I took a chance and contacted Adam Taub and he was an absolute life-saver. In addition to representing me so I didn’t have to appear in court and miss work, the whole matter was resolved quickly and satisfactorily. I honestly will never be able to thank Adam enough for all of his work and help. Understanding, patient, and knowledgeable; Adam is the only person I would want in my corner.”

Paul K.

“Hired Mr. Taub after being threatened by medical collection agency, as well as a underhanded attorney who threatened me with a lawsuit that he never filed. Mr. Taub was professional, reassuring, and told me the truth. He made me feel very taken care of in a situation that was frightening and made me feel powerless. He explained to me exactly what was going on, and kept me informed every step of the way. I felt like I could contact him and reach him whenever I needed him. He got justice for me…and probably for others who have been mistreated by this attorney and collection agency. I would trust Mr. Taub with any of my affairs; and even with the affairs of family or a close friend. He is completely credible, and clearly very, very good at his job. THe highest of recommendations!”