About Our Firm

Michigan’s Leading Consumer Rights Firm

Adam G. Taub & Associates Consumer Law Group, PLC is a leader in consumer protection law, not only in Michigan but across the United States. Mr. Taub is a sought speaker concerning consumer law issues. Adam Taub has each spent more than 30 years devoted to helping consumers get justice.

Experienced and Dedicated

Mr. Taub has multiple decades of experience in consumer law.

Leaders in Consumer Law

This firm is a recognized leader in consumer protection law. This is a serious responsibility. Mr. Taub regularly provides training services to fellow attorneys free of charge in order to ensure that consumers have the highest quality legal representation available. We also accept many referrals from lawyers who need the benefit of our knowledge and experience.

Close Client Service

Our clients are not cattle to be pushed through the legal system. Every client gets care from an experienced attorney relying on large body of knowledge.

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