Adam G. Taub is fully committed to consumer protection. Since opening the doors in 1998, he has devoted his firm to helping Michigan consumers in their battles against debt collectors, fraudulent auto dealers, credit bureaus, and other corporations. Consumers often feel helpless against powerful opponents. This firm levels the playing field. Consumers leave confident that they received the best legal representation available.

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Consumer Law Group, PLC is Michigan’s leading consumer advocacy firm, fighting for consumers since 1998. Our attorneys have helped hundreds of people get justice against unscrupulous companies, and have gained a tremendous reputation among colleagues and opponents alike.


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24 years of experience in consumer litigation.

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Michigan's authority in consumer protection law. This law firm will take your case seriously.

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For almost a quarter century, Adam G. Taub has served consumers and protected their rights throughout Michigan.


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Consumer Law Group, PLC is ready to help anyone in Michigan with debt collector harassment, identity theft, auto dealer fraud, and other consumer law issues. We are located in the heart of Southfield, Michigan, just east of the Lodge Freeway on Ten Mile Road. We are easily accessible from the entire Metro Detroit area.

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The transmission in the used vehicle I bought from a dealer went bad one month after I got it. The dealer supposedly fixed the problem under the expensive warranty I purchased but then the transmission started slipping again shortly after. They sold me a lemon, didn’t fix it, and were going to stick me with it, all while I was paying a huge payment on time every month. Mr. Taub sued and was able to get me out of the vehicle. He got the contract cancelled and made sure this didn’t mess up my credit.

Summer B.

I came to Consumer Law Group because two separate companies were reporting the same debt on my credit report and the balance being reported was five times what I owed. I knew I had rights, but I had no idea what they were. Mr. Taub represented me and he was able to get the false information removed from my credit report. Not only was he able to fix these credit reporting errors, and help me to resolve the debt without any more problems, he also found other issues with my credit reports and helped me get them resolved.

Brian K.

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