What Types Of Class Action Lawsuits Does Your Firm Handle?

We handle only consumer class action lawsuits. Usually, those have to do with a collection letter that was sent to thousands or millions of consumers. They’re all consumer related claims, typically under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. The TCPA covers unsolicited faxes and certain phone calls. The phone calls are usually mixed with things like letter violations, such as a misleading phrase in a debt collection letter that was sent out to 10,000 or 50,000 people. Those are the types of class actions that we would handle.

How Is A Class Action Different From a Mass Tort Or Any Other Lawsuit?

A mass tort would be handled like a class action or like several class actions. A class action is different from an ordinary lawsuit in the context of a consumer. An ordinary lawsuit would just be the consumer against the company. Whichever rights were available to the consumer would be available and whichever defenses were available to the company would be available. If someone came to me and we saw a claim that we thought was something that happened to multiple people, we might want to file it as a class action, because there would be a benefit to a greater number of people.

Can I Use My Own Lawyer In A Class Action Lawsuit?

In most class action lawsuits, there are a lot of practical and legal considerations for why using your own lawyer wouldn’t be possible. There are also ways to object to a class settlement. Usually, you need a lawyer to do that. If someone who is a member of the class doesn’t think the settlement is fair to the class, it gets complicated. If you’re a member of a class action lawsuit that’s already been filed, your options are usually that if you want to use your own lawyer, you’ve got to opt out, if it’s an opt out class, and then figure out whether you still have time to file the lawsuit or object.

Is My Complaint Financially Too Small For A Class Action?

In the consumer context, your complaint is never going to be too small for a class action, especially if there’s a ton of people that all got ripped off for the same small amounts. What might happen is that the defendant that did the bad behavior might be too small or too poor for a class action. If your claim is too big, your best bet might be to go forward individually and get the relief that you would get as an individual. Your claim might be too unique from other people in the proposed class, so that it doesn’t make sense to go forward because there’s not enough commonality of claims. There are all sorts of reasons why a lawyer would not want to file a class action but in the consumer context, the damages being too small is never one of them.

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