Wrongful Repossession

Bit back! Against Wrongful Repossession in Michigan

Consumer Law Group, PLC

Has your vehicle, home, or other property been foreclosed on or repossessed? Are you convinced that you did nothing wrong? You may have been a victim of a wrongful repossession.

You may not realize that you have rights in terms of wrongful repossession, and that you can hire a lawyer to get your property back and sue for damages. Consumer Law Group, PLC can help. This frim is recognized as the leading consumer protection law firm in Detroit and the surrounding areas of Michigan.

In a free initial consultation, we can analyze your situation and discover whether you it was indeed a case of wrongful repossession. If it was, we can put Over 30 years of experience in consumer to law to work fighting for you.

General Information:

Kinds of Wrongful Repossession Cases

Wrongful repossessions are common, and can involve everything from cars, trucks, vans, or SUVs to yachts, boats, and mobile homes. Often, people who are not late on any payments, or have just a few late payments, see their vehicles repossessed. Any number of things can happen, such as:

  • The dealer submitted the paperwork wrong.
  • Payment was credited to the wrong account.
  • A glitch in the system caused a late notice to be filed.
  • The finance company simply screwed it up.

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