Sued by a Debt Collector?

Fight back! Against Debt Collection Litigation

Michigan Debt Collection Defense Lawyers

Are you being sued by a debt collector? Regardless of whether you did or didn’t actually incur the debt, you have the right to fight back. Debt collectors often make empty threats about debts they can’t actually force you to pay.

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General Information:

Don’t Believe the Debt Collector

Many debt collectors are actually debt buyers — companies that have nothing to do with the original debt but want to collect it. Debt buying companies specialize in making threats about lawsuits, and then hoping that people either don’t know the law or don’t consult with a lawyer who does.

Debt collectors may talk tough, but often they cannot do what they are claiming. Many types of harassment by debt collectors are illegal, and if you have endured it, your case can change dramatically in your favor.

In fact, they will often get desperate and use the most outrageous scare tactics, when they can’t actually collect on debts owed. For example, if a debt is undocumented, beyond the statute of limitations, or in some other way invalid, they are entitled to nothing.

Sometimes the company suing you does not even own the debt. You have a right to your day in court and to make them prove their case including whether they own the account.

You May Not Even Owe the Debt

Debt collectors sometimes harass people about debts that they don’t even owe. Increasingly, identity theft is the cause, but often it is simply the result of an internal error. Too often, people just give in to their demands to end the harassment, which can cost a tremendous amount of money and also damage their credit ratings.

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Before you make any response to a debt collector, contact our attorneys for a free initial telephone consultation. Do not try to handle this by yourself — debt collectors are crafty and know how to back you into a corner. Our attorneys know their tricks, and know how to turn the tables on the debt collectors and go after them.