Odometer Fraud

Fight back! Against Odometer Fraud

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If an auto dealer has played games with the odometer before selling you a car, you don’t have to just take it. You can fight back.

Consumer Law Group, PLC can help. We offer free initial telephone consultations to anyone who has been scammed in Detroit and surrounding areas of Michigan.

What Is Odometer Fraud?

The laws are clear — an auto dealer cannot do “rollbacks,” changing an odometer before selling a car. Moreover, a dealer may not make a false statement on a certificate of title or engage in other types of auto dealer fraud. If you believe you are a victim of odometer fraud or any false statements on a vehicle title, call us.

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Of course, you don’t have to understand the legal ins and outs of odometer fraud — that’s what lawyers are for. This law firm was established to take the legal burden off your shoulders, using Over 30 years of experience in dozens of consumer protection cases to enforce your rights.

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