Current & Past Cases

Having fought for consumers for many years, the attorneys of Consumer Law Group, PLC have taken on a long list of companies that have victimized consumers. The following is a list of our past and current cases:

3/29/05Epps v. Asset Acceptance LLCCase filed against Asset Acceptance for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Click here to see a copy of the complaint.

We have pursued actions against the following defendants, and more:

Arrow Financial Services

Asset Acceptance, LLC

Epps v. Asset Acceptance LLC: On 3/29/05, we filed a case against Asset Acceptance for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Read the complaint..

Bob Saks Toyota, Inc.

The Bob Saks family of dealers is a staple of the Detroit business scene. For years, this dealer has engaged in spot deliveries of vehicle. Finally, after years of engaging in this conduct, a former finance manager has spilled the beans and outed the illegal practices going on at the Bob Saks Toyota dealership.

Bob Saks Toyota’s dealer agreement with Toyota Motor Credit.

Capital One

Congress Collections

Detroit Edison


Adams v. Equifax, Collectco, HSBC, and Direct TV: On 10/11/05, we filed claims for improper credit reporting and collection relating to Direct TV account. Read the complaint.

Minnick v. Equifax. Alicia Fluellen: Read the PDF.



LVNV Funding

Merchants & Medical Credit Corporation, Inc.

NCO Financial

Toyota Motor Credit

Dealer agreement with Bob Saks Toyota

Dealer agreement with Lafontaine Motors

Trans Union

United Collection Bureau (“UCB”)


West Asset Management

Other Cases

Corn v. Fannon Family Automotive, L. L. C., 4/24/06: Read the complaint.

Shaffer v. Universal Fidelity, L P: On 4/14/06, we filed FDCPA and EFT claims for improperly removing funds for consumer’s bank account.

Givan v. Bank of America, Bankcard et al, 4/7/06: Read the complaint.

Whitaker v. Richard J. Boudreau, 4/7/06: Read the complaint.

Whitaker v. Auburn Pontiac: On 3/16/06, we filed Equal Credit Opportunity Act violations by car dealer for failing to send adverse action notice. Read the complaint.

Parker v. Orchard Chrysler Dodge Jeep, Inc. and WFS Financial, Inc., 3/10/06: Read the complaint.

Nissan v. Hecker: On 3/9/06, we filed FDCPA complaint for debt which is not owed. Read the complaint.

Walker v. Lynn M. Olivier, P.C., Lynn M. Olivier, Paul T. Olivier, Jr., Monty Schuster, Rebecca Kreisher, David J. Vink, and Mollie McCarroll: On 2/10/06, we filed FDCPA claim for misappropriation of payments on debt. Read the complaint.

Michelle Franco v. Robert W. Bird, and Ryan & Reed, Inc.: On 12/2/05, we filed Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Michigan Collection Practices Act complaint. Read the complaint.

Judith Clark v. Account Services Collections, Inc. 05-cv-73568.: On 9/16/05, we filed this Fair Debt Collections Practiced Act case against Account Services Collections, Inc.

Sheila Pawlak v. Auto One Car Sales, Inc. and Universal Warranty Corporation. 05-cv-73571: On 9/16/05, we filed this case involving allegations of a forged certificate of title.

Stonier v. Flagstar Bankcorp, Incorporated, 05-cv-73480.: On 9/9/05, we filed Fair Credit Reporting Act claims for impermissible access filed against Flagstar Bankcorp, Incorporated. Read the complaint.

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