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Are you being sued by a debt collector? Hire an attorney!

Are you being sued by a debt collector?  Hire an attorney!I was in Court the other day, representing a client who was being sued by a debt collector.  Prior to my client’s case being called, I watched a debtor try to explain to the judge why she did not owe the debt. Her explanation sounded plausible, but the judge gave the debt collector a judgment for the full amount.

You might ask, “Why did this happen?”  Well, it turns out that the debtor failed to answer the complaint correctly, missed a deadline for answering discovery, and did not respond on time to a motion filed by the debt collectors attorneys.  The judgment was over $10,000.00.

The judge called my client’s case next.  It was a lawsuit for more than $10,000.00.  I pointed out to the Judge that the other side had failed to meet a crucial deadline.  The Judge agreed and the debt collector’s lawsuit became worth very little.  After that hearing, the case settled for a very small amount.  My client saved over $7,500.00 and more importantly, my client did not get a judgment on his credit report.

The difference between these two outcomes is stark.

If you are sued, get a lawyer who knows what he or she is doing.