Can I Be Sued For Credit Card Debt In Michigan?

You can be sued for credit card debt and it happens all the time. I’ve seen cases where people are being sued for as little as $500 in credit card debt. Any time you’re served with a lawsuit, you really need to take it seriously.

Are Most People Surprised At The Fact That They Can Be Sued For Credit Card Debt?

People have misconceptions about how the court system works. Some people have a belief that if the debt is not very much, they can’t be sued. They’ve been told it’s not worth it for credit card companies to go after them. However, you can be sued and most credit card companies will bring a lawsuit if you don’t pay them.

Is There A Certain Amount Of Credit Card Debt For Which People May Be Sued?

Many people have huge debts that they cannot pay and they make arrangements with debt collectors, prior to being sued, where they’re going to jeopardize their mortgage or their car payment. With a large amount of debt in a situation of insolvency, people have to set priorities. Your food, shelter, transportation, and child support payments have to be paid before any credit card companies are considered. People should have a general plan on what to do when there’s excessive debt, but everyone’s situation is different. There is no specific amount of debt for which a credit company can sue you.

What Do I Do If I Receive A Notice That I Am Being Sued?

If you receive a notice that you are being sued, you need to call an attorney who specializes in dealing with consumer debt and consumer credit card contracts. A lot of attorneys who are not consumer attorneys will end up charging the consumer more money to defend the case that is actually owed. A consumer advocate who reads credit card contracts all the time and keeps up with lawsuits against credit card companies is usually willing to defend you in court at a fee that’s going to be less than most other attorneys are going to charge.

Your attorney is also going to be looking for violations of the law by the debt collectors, either before or during the debt collection lawsuit. Do not contact the lawyers for the debt collector directly because you’ll always end up with a judgment against you and that can go on your credit report. When you’re sued, you need to answer the lawsuit. It has to be in writing and it has to be done correctly. Certain documents need to be filed with your answer and if you don’t do that, you waive a lot of your rights and you may even waive substantial defenses. An attorney is imperative to avoid these mistakes.

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